Propionate bladder

A 53-year-old woman used a patented Chinese medicine in tablet form called ‘Lidan’ (also contains Gold Coin Grass as the main ingredient) for 3 years. It did relieve her shoulder pain and reduce her gallbladder pain from constant pain to a few attacks a day. When she started using Gold Coin Grass (GCG) in tincture form, her pain was reduced to only one attack every few days within two weeks of using the tincture. After finishing one 250 ml bottle of the tincture, she did liver and gallbladder flushing, and her pain disappeared completely.

Hi. I'm in Ireland, and the protocol here is that when your LS is under control to try once daily applications of over- the-counter1% hydrocortisone cream - this is a very low dose cream, about one hundred and fifty times weaker than the clob, so its very important never to miss a day.  You can go to twice or three times daily on the least suspicion of a flare-up. I havn't used clob for two years now and so far so good. Here's a link to a good site comparing relative steroid potencies: http:///docs/

Propionate bladder

propionate bladder


propionate bladderpropionate bladderpropionate bladderpropionate bladderpropionate bladder