Propionates means

Chilling to temperatures below the growth range, but above freezing, stops reproduction but kills few cells except for extremely sensitive organisms, such as vegetative cells of Clostridium perfringens. Freeze kills part of a microbial population within a few hours and storage continues to be lethal at a much slower rate. The rate of population reduction varies with the nature of the food, as illustrated in Figure 7; the most rapid drop in aerobic plate count (“total count”) occurred in orange juice, which is an acid product. Bacterial spores die very slowly, if at all, during freezing and frozen storage. For example, the vegetative cells of Clostridium perfringens generally all die, but the spores survive. Staphylococcus aureus and related organisms survive well, but in most cases there is wide variation of susceptibility among microorganisms, even among closely related species (Figure 8). In any case, freezing is not a dependable means to destroy microorganisms since some cells of the original population almost always survive.

Yes, This article is so on point.
My daughter just turned 4. She has had a complex medical history since birth. Including 12 surgeries and she will need them every 5 months. Failure to Thrive, Scoliosis, Smith Magenis Syndrome, Severe Self harming, Aggression and level 3 autism. Blood disorder and seizures due to mold exposure. And on top of that she doesn’t sleep because her body doesn’t create melatonin.
When she was 2 the aggression and self harming became so bad that we had to let my mother in law take my son for several weeks while we struggled to deal with it and find the reason. We figured that stress had something to do with it. So, we did our best to create as much of a stress free home for her sake. That didn’t help at all. We decided to make the difficult decision to medicate. After almost a year on meds they still didn’t seem to be changing her behaviors aside from slower response times. She has been through therapy after therapy after therapy. And they all want you to give her your undivided attention, form your house and schedule around her and everything else. We tried that for awhile and still only seemed to get worse because we seemed to only be feeding her desire for attention.
Being I am in to natural methods. I decided to start doing some research with her. We cut dairy and switched to coconut and almond milk only. only cut dairy in most everything. By doing that we did find out that both her and my 3 year old son are lactose intolerant and have extreme tummy aches for up to 24 hours after consuming dairy. (Only learned this after they had ice cream for their birthday) That shocked me and was really against everything we had been doing. Because she had failure to thrive we were encouraged to add extra cheese, eggs, whole milk and anything fattening to help her gain weight. And all this time she had been allergic to it. :/
After we figured that out I started making homemade everything. From bread, dessert, hot chocolate, pasta sauces………… And will be making homemade juices beginning tomorrow. We have cut all dyes, additives and preservatives. And we are now buying our meat and everything of that nature from an organic farm near us.
We have noticed a definite change in behaviors for the better. Switching from all of that has also allowed us to see that alot of her melt downs are defiance and tantrums than they are actual medically induced meltdowns. And that has now allowed us to be able to figure out that we NEED to now work on obedience with a happy heart.
Also another thing is television. We had one that she was allowed to watch cartoons on. And every time it was on she became extremely aggressive and self injurious as it was over stimulating her brain.
She is special needs and I won’t say that all of her issues are caused by food and what she does. But, 80% of it I would say is.
Thank you so much for sharing this.

Propionates means

propionates means


propionates meanspropionates meanspropionates meanspropionates meanspropionates means