Test prop injection soreness

To test the durability / non-durability of this and other databases, you can use the test application in the package . Two computers with network connection are required to run this test. One computer just listens, while the test application is run (and power is cut) on the other computer. The computer with the listener application opens a TCP/IP port and listens for an incoming connection. The second computer first connects to the listener, and then created the databases and starts inserting records. The connection is set to 'autocommit', which means after each inserted record a commit is performed automatically. Afterwards, the test computer notifies the listener that this record was inserted successfully. The listener computer displays the last inserted record number every 10 seconds. Now, switch off the power manually, then restart the computer, and run the application again. You will find out that in most cases, none of the databases contains all the records that the listener computer knows about. For details, please consult the source code of the listener and test application.

Test prop injection soreness

test prop injection soreness


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