Test prop jumpstart

Very well put and I definitely agree with you...I did couple the 100 mcg of T4 with the HGH and have been on that alone for a few weeks now, but only within the last week did I start the anabolics. It also makes sense logically to work backwards and plan goals, etc, then focus on what I need to reach those goals. I guess, I got off on a tangent writing about everything that is going on or within reach of me at the moment rather than simplifying the process and focusing on the cycle/hgh, thyroid meds/clen, and melanotan as all different subjects instead of putting them entirely into one thread. So from here, I'm good with focusing on the cycle/HGH, and any insight to it would be great. I wrote up my stats in my profile and wrote briefly about the last cycle I did. For this particular cycle, I'm still at about 250 lbs, between 15-18% BF, and would like to cut to about 230 within, what I thought was a good time frame of 10 weeks, am now inquiring if I should switch it to about 8 weeks, after what you said, still sticking with the HGH, Test Prop, Anavar, and Proviron. Not sure if I mentioned it before either, but I've never done any oral steroids before. Regardless, this is where I'm at and I appreciate any and all help. If you need me to break down any other information, I can do that, but with regards to diet and what not too, when I need it to be on point, it is. Thanks GearHead for taking the time....

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Test prop jumpstart

test prop jumpstart


test prop jumpstarttest prop jumpstarttest prop jumpstarttest prop jumpstart