Test prop no pip

My husband had to take the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test when applying to work as a recruiter with a staffing firm. Yes, the same one that NFL players take before they’re drafted. When the firm later rejected him after the final interview, it was ostensibly because he scored too high on the stupid test. They said that the firm only hires employees who score within a specific range; they said that in their experience, a high score meant he needed an intellectually-stimulating environment would be too likely to leave for a different job within 6-12 months! It’s certainly their right to do so, but his work history was in retail and call centers, which are not known for being the most intellectually-stimulating environments.

first time using this lab, i'm on a Geneza test p only cycle. i'm taking 3mg eod, i'm about 3 weeks in and not really feeling the boost. I had a friend over a few days ago before we hit gym and he noticed that when I was drawing there was a little cloud stuck to pin tip which made a little difficult to draw and little granules on bottom when shaken. I never noticed because it's clear for most part, he said its going bad. I literally just ordered last month. is this normal and my injection sites occasionally get a lump and warm with pain. i do know there is some pain on site but he said it shouldn't be like I have from last pin. any suggestions ??????

Test prop no pip

test prop no pip


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