Test prop only first cycle

Well, you're too young to start but whats done is done. You will feel the effect of prop within a couple days and will maintain the exact free test plasma levels the entire run. There is no stacking ester where free Test values increase every week. With this cycle you have peaked in 2 days and will just run nice and smooth at a near perfect test level the entire roll so dial in the diet to meet your goal....this is a very mild cycle based on your age and strength of natty test. As natty shuts down you will be near your normal free test levels with thhe only 50 a day given you are maintaining around 100 mg as the constant. Prop free test plasma levels from a single shot will fall back to norm in about 48 hrs so you understand the value I listed as being 2 days worth of total values. I honestly would rather see this over long ester given your age as long as you don't mind pinning. The down side is, if you had simply done the exact same diet and lifting etc with your natty test you would have achieved the same thing as what you will with this cycle. In other words, if the cycle makes you bigger or stronger etc it is not really the compound, its you changing habits because of the use of it. Eh, I'm over it...if you are going to alter your natty test at your age at least dial this thing in and make some sort of positive come out of it.

Test prop only first cycle

test prop only first cycle


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