Test prop stack

CSMs will be held accountable to customer health and retention metrics. These metrics are designed to help focus a CSMs efforts into initiatives that will primarily make a customer healthy, faster. The onboarding period is critical to building strong relationships and resilient implementation. CSMs are measured on the time it takes a customer to start getting value back from the Ambition platform. Healthy customers get value from Ambitions platform. In any customer environment, circumstances beyond our control exist. In these cases, a CSM’s performance will not be determine by their inability to control factors outside of our influence, but instead on how well Ambition was informed of those factors. Through the Champion relationships, CSMs will elevate risks, early and often.

Credits - Some of our recent projects ...

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Monitor Wall CRT Screen Installation
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Corporate Event - Retro Gaming Timeline
Monitor Wall - CRT TV Screen Installation
CCTV Monitor Room Installation
Mobile Phone Timeline Display
SWHype - Vintage TV Wall Display
Christmas Tree Video Wall
The Gadget Show - Timeline of Tech
Tommy Hilfiger - Vintage TV Wall Display
The Theory of Everything - Stephen Hawking

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Test prop stack

test prop stack


test prop stacktest prop stacktest prop stacktest prop stacktest prop stack