Tren steroid roid rage

Despite clinical studies, any steroid user is risking the potentially dangerous effects of extreme behavior changes when taking steroids. Some people may be so vulnerable that behavior changes occur rapidly, causing the person to behave in a manner illegal or so disruptive that it can quickly ruin a life. What is clear is that anabolic steroid use is a dangerous practice with many potential long-term side effects that can be life changing. Like many other drugs, anabolic steroids are dangerous indeed, and the potential for roid rage adds the additional risk of a person hurting himself or others by extremely violent behavior while on steroids.

In truth, anabolic steroids can in fact be held accountable for certain amount of criminal activity, especially if the act involves violence. When you boost the testosterone levels in your body through artificaial means you are not allowing your body to produce its own testosterone. In this case, the hormonal imbalance can cause unnecessary aggression. Sometimes this roid rage is important because it helps increase the competitive spirit in the user; however, it can have certain side effects such as prolonged rage even after the competitive environment ceases to exist . There can also be some amount of depression as the body recuperates.

Agreed but at the same time newbie's must understand that playing with hormone levels can affect you mentally as well as physically. It comes with the territory. That's why you start a simple test cycle at a low to moderate dose to ensure you can handle the elevated levels and then add one compound to each cycle after just to play it safe. A guy just posted last week, first time on tren he literally was going out of his mind and a dog barked at him so he started barking back. It sounds funny but what 30 year old man does that. Like I said I do agree with you but give the newbies 100% of the facts so they can make the best decision possible. Does roid rage affect everybody? The answer is no. Is it possible that it can affect you? The answer is yes.

Tren steroid roid rage

tren steroid roid rage


tren steroid roid ragetren steroid roid ragetren steroid roid rage