What supplements to take with trenbolone

One thing that you forgot to mention is to make sure you actually need a supplement–. you're low on a particular vitamin or mineral–before you actually take a supplement. Otherwise, this sounds like a great way to create expensive urine. And with things like magnesium, there is no benefit to taking it if you are not deficient in it. There is little, if any, evidence that people who eat a healthy, varied diet actually need supplements. But, hey, the nutritionists complain about big pharma and then try to encourage you to spend money on their supplements rather than big pharma's drugs. Remember, the "Freakonomics" guys warn about people who have an informational advantage and an incentive to exploit it.

L-arginine: According to research pioneered in the 1970s by my beloved Biochemistry professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Sam Seifter, arginine has been shown to promote healing and reduce post-op infections. In fact, it has long been incorporated in a nutritional booster formula for surgical patients called Impact (available by prescription only). Consider taking three 1000 mg l-arginine caps three times daily for a few days prior to surgery. (Patients who are herpes-prone might want to skip this because arginine-rich diets tend to provoke outbreaks in susceptible individuals) 

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What supplements to take with trenbolone

what supplements to take with trenbolone


what supplements to take with trenbolonewhat supplements to take with trenbolonewhat supplements to take with trenbolonewhat supplements to take with trenbolonewhat supplements to take with trenbolone