What to take with tri tren

I hate the swim leg. Taught myself to swim by trial and error last year about 2 months before my first sprint tri. I’m a triathlete, but enjoy the kayak and mtn bike versions!! I made it out of the 600 yd lake in 17 min and was thrilled! Doing it again in 5 weeks!! Planning ahead better this year with more strength training for the swim vs just pool time. And NOTHING prepares you to be swam over or kicked….you just keep moving forward, take breaks, and what I found most interesting was not to let anyone intimidate me…everyone was nervous, even the most seasoned athletes. And those participants who I had pegged to be the most elite swimmers in my wave…were people I was passing in the water and those I also heard mumbling obscenities in the open water! Everyone was laughing out there and having a good time. Made it easier to get to the finish line when we were all in the same ‘exhausted’ boat together…no pun intended!! Enjoy the races…keep a smile on your face, take your breaks, and keep going forward!!

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I've been taking the pill for 5 years. I'm on Ortho LO. I missed a white pill but I took it the next day, so I took 2 in one day, which is ok to do. A week and a half later I started bleeding when I wasn't supposed to get my period. I was bleeding for 10 days so I decided to go to my gynecologist. She told me It could be that I need to change the pill because I've been on it for so long. Or it could be that I have a cyst. But before I switch she said to finish my pack which ends in 2 days, On the first green pill start a new pack. So i would throw out the pack after the last blue pill and start a new pack that next day. Which means I will skip my period. She said If I still bleed to call her and we will go from there. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone.

What to take with tri tren

what to take with tri tren


what to take with tri trenwhat to take with tri trenwhat to take with tri trenwhat to take with tri trenwhat to take with tri tren